Laboratory Life: Not for the Timid

Did you dream of working in a lab as a kid, perhaps discovering a cure for some as-yet unknown scourge (ahem…) or quietly toiling away in service to a specific branch of science??

Neither did we. But some folks do. And if you’re one of them, you know “hazmat” is one of the most common words in your business lexicon. Along with safety, hopefully.

Labs are hazardous even under the best conditions. In a 2019 article, the journal Nature cites some terrifying statistics:

  • 25-38% of lab personnel surveyed have been involved in an accident or injury in the lab that was not reported to the supervisor or principal investigator.
  • Only 40% of researchers surveyed reported wearing PPE at all times when working.
  • 25% of researchers had not been trained in the specific hazardous substance with which they worked.
  • 27% of researchers stated that they never conducted any kind of risk assessment before performing laboratory work.

Health and safety is everybody’s business, especially in the age of COVID. We’re doing our part, with Labpack Spill Kits designed to protect you and those you work with from dangerous spills and hazardous waste. They’re not designed for laboratories in the scientific sense — but every business is its own laboratory, if you think about it.

Whether your work involves construction sites, transportation centers or manufacturing facilities, loading docks and storage areas can be accidents waiting to happen.

This is where XSORB’s Universal Labpack Spill Kit and Outdoor All-Purpose Labpack Spill Kit come in. These labpacks include everything you need for fast, easy and effective spill clean up. Each kit is OSHA and U.N.-approved, of course, enabling your team to safely and rapidly remove the risk to anyone entering the area.

Our entire lives are a laboratory these days. Let’s make sure your life — and your crew’s — is kept safe from spill hazards, with the spill containment and spill clean up solutions that anticipate spills before they happen, and meet the need effectively and efficiently.


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