Late July: It’s Crackers!

There’s a company called Late July that makes some pretty tasty crackers and chips. They’re healthy snacks, too, and with sustainable packaging. The company says they chose the name because this time of year is “the sweet spot of summer.”

We agree, on all levels. July means warm weather (or even sizzling hot, depending where you live), cookouts, travel — now that we can, again! — and general feelings of goodwill and contentment.

It also means being a roadworthy road warrior, keeping your rig in tip-top condition, with Impact Absorbents solutions at the ready in the event of a mishap. The same holds true for food.

If you own an eatery that’s just cooking up a storm this summer, when people are more eager to eat out than even before after being released from lockdown, you’ll want to keep your restaurant from getting FOGged in, even on gorgeous sunny days. Because FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) can spell dark days for your business, as the fat, oil and grease drip into storm drains and waterways. Your business could literally go down the drain from fines. 

There’s a better, safer way to cook: use our Grease Catcher System. Easy to install and lightweight, the Grease Catcher System protects rooftops from harmful fats, oils and grease with a trio of special pillows that prevent grease from leaching out, even when soaked with rain or snow. Regardless of the weather, the Grease Catcher System will keep spill containment in check, so FOG won’t rain on your parade.

We’ve all gone a little crackers in the last year-plus, and now that we’re able to enjoy life full-throttle again, remember to stay safe in all the other ways it matters: spill safety equals smart business.

Enjoy your late July!


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