Lawsuit filed in Harris County over continuous chemical dumping into local river

In Harris County, Texas, community members have filed suit against local waste companies and a paper factory, accusing them of knowingly polluting the San Jacinto River, reports KTRK ABC local news.

The suit claims that chemicals from waste disposal pits have been leaking into the water for years. According to Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan, the river has been so contaminated that fish and crabs caught there are unsafe to eat and it is dangerous to swim in the water.

Ryan goes on to explain that the companies at fault have been dumping toxic chemicals near and into the river since 1965, and an extensive cleanup would be necessary to revitalize the eco-styem.

While the lawsuit is sorted out, officials may need to cap further pollution. Absorbent devices and kits, such as the FiberLink Hazmat Spill Response Kit would allow for a quick and effective containment of future chemical spills. The 85 gallon kit contains 30 FiberLink Yellow Hazmat Socks, 200 FiberLink Hazmat Sorbent Pads, 20 Yellow Temporary Disposal bags, among other valuable accessories.

Local community officials may want to limit any future contamination of the water system by using available Hazmat supplies. It could help initiate the long cleanup process ahead. 

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