Lebanon High School students were sent home after a chemical spill on Friday

A chemical leak at Lebanon High School in Lebanon, Indiana, on May 11, 2012, forced an evacuation of the campus, TheIndyChannel.com reports.

Students were sent home after a science class accidentally spilled cyclohexene, a volatile and highly flammable liquid, the news source reports.

“While attempting to clean up the spill, some of the liquid was poured into the drain,” Lebanon police Lt. Brent Wheat said to the source.

In addition, officials also noted a local construction company spilled a different chemical in the building while trying to clean up grease. The two incidents were isolated occurrences.

Faculty members and students were evacuated to the football field at approximately 1 p.m. while cleanup crews tended to the caustic spill. Everyone was sent home early that day, and no one was hurt.

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