Living in a Fun House Mirror

The past year was a bit like looking in a fun house mirror, where everything is reversed. Of course, all mirrors do this; what we see is the opposite of what others see when they look at us. But in 2021, what we’ve come to accept as normal is actually the opposite of what was true just a short time ago.

For instance: prior to COVID, anyone who walked into a bank wearing a mask was immediately suspect, and security alerted. Since the pandemic began, anyone entering a bank withouta mask is suspect, and immediately escorted off the premises by security if they refuse to don a face covering.

Masks have morphed from being costume paraphernalia and accoutrements of illegal activity to essential daily garb for everyone — not just essential workers. 

And think about the shifts in language: Essential workers. Shelter-in-place. Social distancing. Did we even recognize such terminology prior to last year? These were phrases that had limited application in very specific circumstances.

What about cleanliness? Businesses are beyond scrupulous. Masks are mandatory. Our hands have never been so chapped from relentless washing and sanitizing.

Clearly, in the past year, the unusual has become commonplace. And while Impact Absorbents has done our part to support business owners and workers in every line of work, we suggest you continue to maintain these practices when life returns to some semblance of “before”.

For instance, about cleanliness? We provide more than 500 spill clean up and spill containment solutions for every imaginable type of spill, in fields from transportation to retail, hospitals to schools, waterways to grocery stores, and more.

Impact Absorbents also offers one of the largest lines of spill response kits for everything from general maintenance, to hazardous chemical clean up, to biohazard spill response. With product and spill response kit customization, we’ve also developed one of the most effective slip-and-fall prevention programs in the industry servicing grocery and retail stores nationwide. 

Yes, we’re living in highly unusual times. And no matter what the mirror reflects, it always pays to be prepared. So stock up on the spill solutions your business needs now, and face 2021 masked and ready.


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