Living In the Material World: Drumroll, Please!

When Madonna sang about living in the material world, she wasn’t talking about hazardous products (although some of her outfits did create a bit of a ruckus.) However, there is one way in which music and hazmat control both merit a drum roll: spill containment.

Whether you need to neutralize a caustic chemical spill or contain an oil spill, XSORB provides the in-line spill pallets, drum funnels, barrel patch safety seals and other spill containment products that are the hallmark of intelligent handling for hazardous materials.

Our Four Drum Modular Spill Platform, for instance, is crafted of durable polyethylene that resists corrosion, with a low profile that promotes simplified loading and unloading. The Barrel Patch Safety Seal has an easy to use ratcheting buckle that guarantees a tight seal, and a tough nylon belt that fits around a 55-gallon drum.

Drums are also useful as shipping containers: many times, Impact’s spill kits are shipped in drums that can then be used for containing and disposal of the spill.

So while we can’t compete with Madonna musically, we certainly understand what it means to live in the material world and we’ve got the material handling supplies to resolve any spill containment situation. But in terms of an extended drum solo, hey: we’ll match our drums against the best of them, any time.

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