Local hazmat team quickly contains a chemical leak in New Jersey

Construction crews in Belvidere, New Jersey, were tearing down a tower at the former BASF Corporation chemical plant when they inadvertently broke a pipe containing liquid vinyl acetate, reports LeighighValleyLive.com.

The chemical spill prompted a 45-minute cleanup process directed by the Warren County Hazardous Materials team, reports the source.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection was notified of the leak, but the incident was under control and no extra assistance was needed.

Reports indicate that the leak was small and easily contained, but some of the liquid did make its way into the soil. Fortunately, the chemical did not seep into any waterways.

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No one was hurt during the acetate leak in Belvidere because of the fast response time of the local authorities. In sensitive situations, where chemicals have leaked in local communities, cleanup crews need to have a plan in place to handle the task at hand. Having absorbent devices may help the containment process become easier to manage.

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