Louisiana company begins work on oil spill prevention system

The Gulf Oil Spill created chaos for many property owners, but Louisiana-based Dynamic Industries is taking steps to ensure safety in the surrounding communities. WWL-TV reports the company is building a system to help control underwater petroleum well leaks.

The containment system could give people the opportunity to manage spills in water up to 10,000 feet deep. System development has begun, and the company will need a year to work on framing and engineering the structure, the news source reports. 

A containment system can assist people as they search for ways to control oil spills. Many officials reviewed oil spill cleanup methods to handle damage from the Gulf Oil disaster, and sought the most-effective solutions. ColdForm bonded universal absorbent pads offer a reliable solution that gives people additional protection against oil spill damage.

Natural, renewable fibers help make the pads 40 percent more absorbent than polypropylene. People can maximize their cleanup efforts as light weight, medium weight and heavy weight options are available. In addition, officials can always purchase these products at affordable premiums, as their price tags aren’t dependent on fluctuating oil prices.

Enhance oil cleanup with absorbent pads.

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