Making Meaning

As individuals, we talk about making a living. From a company standpoint, the focus is on building a brand. And what matters isn’t how big or how well known the business, but how they treat their customers. It seems so basic as to go without saying: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” That’s the old chestnut speakers tout at sales seminars. In other words, it’s not about product until it’s about the customer.

A survey of more than 100,000 consumers worldwide investigated how brands measured up in terms of customer well being, which included health, happiness, financial stability, relationships, and community. And while meaningful brands outperformed the stock markets in their respective countries by 120 percent, the majority of people on the planet say they wouldn’t care if three-quarters of existing brands disappeared tomorrow. Ouch.

Here at Impact Absorbents, making products that make our customers’ lives easier has always been our m_tier. Whether your business is long-haul transportation or catering, maintaining hospital cleanliness and safety or preventing and containing marine spills, keeping event centers and schools safe from biohazards or cleaning up raceway fluid spills fast, we’ve created an array of non-toxic, efficient and effective spill clean up solutions specific to your unique spill scenario.

This is why XSORB and Impact Absorbents have been leading the spill clean up field for 21 years. Some of us have literally grown up in the family business. Now, as an adult at 21, Impact continues our commitment to making your work life more meaningful by making your everyday tasks simpler, safer, and more sustainable. To us, that defines a brand leader.

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