Maryland farmers prevent soil erosion with record-setting cover crops

Maryland growers took full advantage of the state Department of Agriculture’s Cover Crop Program, planting 429,818 acres in fall 2011, according to Fresh Plaza. The crop represents the largest planting in state history. Agricultural Secretary Buddy Hance said the results show a collaborative effort between planters and state officials to improve the area’s farmlands.

The initiative helped reduce soil erosion and nutrient runoff while protecting the quality of local waterways. The Maryland Cover Crop Program emphasizes using soil erosion products and techniques to improve land quality across the Chesapeake Bay State. Governor Martin O’Malley noted the state exceeded its two-year goal by 21 percent as cover crops have helped reduce erosion and nutrient depletion in the area.

A gravel bag provides a reliable option planters can use to control erosion. The easy-to-fill bags can be used to collect sediment, reducing environmental damage.

The gravel bags deliver a maintenance-free option that stays in place when wedged against a road curb. The product is designed to last, featuring rugged durability that gives people the opportunity to gather debris and hydrocarbon sheen in storm water multiple times. 

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