Mercury leak at Eastern Kentucky University shuts down two buildings

Late last week, officials at Eastern Kentucky University shut down two buildings on campus due to a dangerous chemical leak. While moving science equipment from one location to another, many devices began to leak mercury, reported Marc Whitt, spokesperson for the university.

Furthermore, mercury had also been discovered in the transportation trucks, which will need to be properly sanitized before they can be used for any other task. The Emergency Management Agency was called upon to help decontaminate the areas.

In extreme situations, like in the presence of a dangerous element such as mercury, cleanup officials could greatly benefit from the use of XORB Caustic Neutralizing Absorbent. The spray instantly neutralizes and absorbs most organic and inorganic caustic spills in a safe and effective manner. Once the chemical spill has been remedied, officials can simply sweep up the remains and dispose of the bag.

Educational facilities often have a plethora of volatile chemical compounds, so it is essential to have organized protocol to effectively defuse any sensitive situations, like the one seen at Eastern Kentucky University. The right equipment could help save lives and keep students in classrooms.

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