Misty Mornings? Try This

As we discussed last month, 2020 is the year of clear vision (20/20 is perfect eyesight, in case that leap wasn’t intuitive.) And it is a leap year, which means you need to be extra careful if you’re planning to leap over February 29th to March 1. But we digress.

What’s most important on misty February mornings is safety. You don’t want to risk a slip and fall incident like the woman in the aforementioned blog post. The cost to business of slip and fall accidents is severe: in 2019, the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index revealed that workplace injuries cost US companies over one billion dollars per week!

If you’re feeling less than sure-footed on these misty winter mornings, or are concerned that your customers may be unaccustomed to the wet walkways, Impact Absorbents can help. 

Start by marking any areas where potential spills may happen, such as a slippery entranceway made slick from rain and snow. Our pocket safety cones are the first line of defense against slip and fall accidents.They can be located nearly anywhere, and fit easily into the pocket of your smock or apron for fast retrieval. Each cone easily pops open into a 21-inch x 20-inch cone — and in eye-popping sunset orange, they’ll be easy to spot, even if someone is walking around in their own mist, glued to a mobile device.

To be fully prepared, order our XSORB Spill Caddy Complete, with Spill Squares and Pocket Pop-Up Cones. It’s a long name that basically tells you this spill solution has everything you need to handle misty mornings.

Each kit includes the spill clean up products necessary to clean up 100  8-ounce spills. That’s a lot of spill clean up! We created this caddy to help your business keep all the spill clean up items you might need together in one location. And guess what? Each Spill Caddy itself doubles as a caution cone, and includes a secondary cone to mark off a spill from both sides. Whether it’s a wet floor, leak, drip or spill, our Spill Caddy has you covered. The extension handle makes it easy to maneuver to wherever spill clean up is needed.

So keep your eyes on safety in 2020, and leap over any spill situations before they cause problems, with Impact Absorbents’ state-of-the-art spill containment and spill clean up solutions. With more than 500 products to choose among, we’re confident you’ll find the spill solution to keep your business and customers safe and dry this winter.

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