Mutations? We Can Absorb the Problem

Have you noticed that a lot of people and places seem to be having technical issues lately? One restaurant we know of had to replace its entire computer system, and for more than a week, customers were “forced” to pay with the archaic green pieces of paper known as “cash.” Their phones and plastic were useless without electronics that could recognize the input. 

One of our team members has had similar struggles with her computer. The screen kept going blank. Replacing the screen and battery in the computer appeared to solve the issue — but then a week later, the screen blacked out again. Repeatedly. She consulted a different tech expert, who advised backing everything up, wiping the computer clean, and installing a new operating system.

We’ve all had our operating systems overhauled in one way or another the past two years, and yet we, as a species, continue to “go viral.” That’s the unfortunate nature of viruses: they mutate and continue on their merry way, and we sigh and reach for our masks again. 

However, if you’re having a problem with toxic solvents or oil or grease “mutating” out of control, we can help. For instance, wondering whether that excess paint is going to congeal in your garage or morph into something toxic? Get XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener.

Rock Solid turns unwanted paint into a disposable solid. It’s the best environmental option for quick, easy and safe disposal. You simply add it to paint and shake or stir. Paint thickens into a disposable solid within minutes.

Or say you’ve got a caustic substance on hand that requires safe disposal. XSORB Caustic Neutralizing Absorbent instantly neutralizes and absorbs most organic and inorganic caustics spills safely and effectively. Once neutralized, you can simply sweep up and dispose of the spill. And, like all Impact Absorbents products, XSORB Caustic Neutralizing Absorbent is non-toxic, eco-friendly, non-leaching, and meets government regulations for landfill disposal. 

So if you’re having technical issues, we feel your pain, and wish you a tech wizard who can resolve the problem quickly and easily. And if you have a substance that could mutate into something unpleasant down the road, reach for the Impact Absorbents spill clean up and spill containment solution appropriate to your need. We don’t want that dangerous substance to go viral. 

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