No Slip Ups: Smarter Spill Clean Up Resolutions

People are big on resolving to change at certain defining milestones, such as turning 40, or becoming a parent, or witnessing the dawn of a new millennium. While a new decade might not hold quite the cachet of holding your new baby, it’s nevertheless an excellent reason to set some resolutions in motion.

Fortunately, your business is unlikely to need its diaper changed multiple times daily for a year or two. But that doesn’t mean making resolutions to improve it isn’t a fine investment of your time and energy as we enter 2020.

What’s the best resolution you can make as we launch a new year and new decade? To retire.

No, not from your business! Retire those outdated spill clean up methods. Paper towels and mops are so last millennium. Impact Absorbents, always at the forefront of the spill clean up and spill containment industry, pioneered our flagship product, XSORB Universal, back in 1992, when our standards were far from common practice. XSORB is:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic and silica-free
  • FDA-approved for use around food
  • Effective: pound for pound, absorbs 7.5 times more than clay
  • A complete solution: absorbs all types of liquids and semi-liquids, including oil, grease, paint, syrup
  • Efficient: saves you time, labor and money.

What’s more, XSORB Universal comes in a size to suit every business, from six-quart bottle or bag to 55 gallon drum, so you’ll always be prepared for any spill clean up situation. 

So here’s to making this dawning decade a spill-safe and slip-free zone. If you want to join a health club as well, we’re all for it.


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