No Smoke and Mirrors: Safety & Sustainability

A software system known as Massive can generate large-scale autonomous animations: crowds that actually act and react on their own. Which is great for Hollywood, even if today’s astute viewers can spot a simulation with their eyes closed, metaphorically speaking.

Then there’s AI (artificial intelligence) in the work world. The day when someone’s new coworker or boss is a robot may not be far off. That’s a little creepy.

At Impact Absorbents, however, we don’t need smoke and mirrors or artificial intelligence. Our technology has created the spill clean up products your business can rely on to stay safe and environmentally friendly. We offer the highest quality at the lowest prices in the spill clean up industry: an unbeatable combination.

Do you manage an event center? Get ready for fall concerts and football games with XSORB Spill Caddies, strategically placed at key locations. Each Kit includes all the spill clean up products necessary to clean up 100 eight-ounce spills. That’s a lot of soft drinksand we’re on it.

Or maybe you manage a raceway. A track manager told us, “It wasn’t until we tried XSORB that we found a product that we were completely happy with. We estimate that we decreased our downtime by 300% this season due to the fact that XSORB does the job quickly, effectively and with little labor.”

If you’re part of a hospital maintenance crew, no doubt our XSORB Biohazard Absorbent Response Kit with Facemask, Gloves and Coveralls is a popular item. This convenient, economical kit contains everything you need to absorb and clean up blood and body fluids, protect and disinfect.

We’re proud to keep it real as we help you keep your business safe and sustainable. Although if someone invents an AI to handle spill clean up, we understand as long as the robot continues to use our products.

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