No Wonder Gas Prices are So High: Intel On the Largest Gas Spill in 20 Years


Prices at the pump have ballooned in recent weeks, thanks in large measure to the historic winter storm that caused blackouts and frigid temperatures in Texas last month. But you may not have heard about the gas spill that took place in North Carolina last summer, the effects of which are still reverberating:

The largest gas spill in at least 20 years, the gasoline was leaking from a pipeline that runs from Texas through the Southeast, then north to New Jersey. It was discovered by two teens riding ATVs in a nature preserve. The pipeline owner acknowledged in January that 1.2 million gallons had leaked from the rupture.

And while the pipeline was repaired just five days after the leak was discovered, environmental remediation is an ongoing issue.

At Impact Absorbents, we understand the critical importance of marine protection, particularly from oil spills and leaks. We’ve developed a wide range of oil spill kits containing poly sorbents designed to meet whatever type of oil spill situation you might encounter, including pads, rolls, socks, booms, and our XSORB Oil Select Absorbent, which safely absorbs all petroleum-based products in the marine environment, including waterways, holding ponds, contaminated barrels, sumps, and more, leaving only clean water behind.

XSORB Oil Select is one of many Impact Absorbents’ solutions that have received Ecologo certification from UL. Ecologo criteria was devised to identify the top overall environmental performers on the market, which have demonstrated an overall reduced potential burden on the environment per unit of production.

The criteria focus on:

  • Toxicity to human, aquatic and mammalian life
  • Noxious emissions to water
  • Packaging


We’re proud to say that XSORB Oil Select Absorbent:

  • Is licensed as an oil spill cleanup agent by the California Department of Fish and Game
  • Floats and repels water
  • Absorbs four times its weight
  • Is completely non-toxic and safe for the environment.


We wish we could wave a wand and reduce gas prices. But we’re doing the best thing: continuing to create premier, best-in-class oil spill containment and spill lean up solutions that will help protect and preserve our waterways for generations to come.

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