Nonhazardous chemical spill in Bryan County grabs local attention

A chemical spill in Bryan County, Oklahoma, sent emergency officials and local residents scrambling on May 1, 2012, KTEN reports.

Local officials say a truck experienced a mechanical malfunction, which caused it to release a chemical on the roadways. The spill, which happened around noon, halted traffic near the Choctaw Casino and Burger King right off of Highway 69/75, the news source reports.

A wide array of emergency crews reported to the scene, including local firefighters, EMS teams, Emergency Management departments and police officials. However, the chemical did not pose any health concern beyond slick road conditions.

Safety Director Daryl Holaday released a statement in which he stated there was no significant health risk, but he anticipated clean-up efforts to take several hours. In addition, an environmental company out of Wilson, OK, investigated the scene, according to the source.

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