Not Horsing Around

When a number of riders took a spill in the recent Tour de France, thanks to a spectator who was a little overzealous about capturing the moment on her phone, it wasn’t the kind of spill incident where we could help. But sports events are known for more than one type of spill.

The Summer Olympics in Tokyo, for instance, featured at least one competitor who’s already famous, thanks to her rock star dad: Jessica Springsteen competes on the U.S. equestrian team.

Now, our products aren’t made for cleaning up after horses. But their human riders? And the multitudes of other human participants and spectators at the events? That’s our domain.

Our spill clean up and spill containment solutions are more than equal to the task of making short work of the spills people leave in their wake. Of our 500+ products, some of the best for large areas are our Spill Stations, which keep all the tools you need to quickly and safely clean up and dispose of spills together in one place. 

For example, the XSORB Spill Station with Long Broom is custom-made to hold our granular XSORB Spill Clean-Up Absorbent. XSROB will leave even center floors clean, dry, and residue free in a matter of minutes.

For outdoor events, choose the product named for the purpose: XSORB Outdoor All-Purpose. Simply sweep away spills with this all-purpose, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly dry clean-up. It’s a heavyweight absorbent that stays down even in slightly windy conditions. Of course, it’s non-leaching, permanently trapping chemicals. XSORB Outdoor is also one of many Impact products that have received Ecologo certification from UL. Ecologo criteria identify the top environmental performers on the market.

So whether you’re maintaining the racetrack at the Olympics or cleaning up an event center after a concert people have been waiting to see since the pandemic postponed life, don’t horse around when it comes to spill clean up solutions. Choose the leader in innovative spill clean up absorbents, and you’ll be a winner every time.


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