Not Too Cool for School

It’s June, and you know what that means: several months of bliss for kids and turning a blind eye for parents, if they don’t want to live in a perpetual state of alert.

For schools, however, June means it’s time for a makeover: not with makeup brushes, but with the spill safety products every school bus driver and school building need to be spill clean up ready.

Start with our ColdForm Universal Vehicle Spill Kit with Plug ‘n Dike in Nylon Bag. It’s a long name for a tidy little spill kit that absorbs up to 8 gallons, and fits conveniently under or behind a seat. Both the DOT and EPA require school bus drivers to be equipped in the event of a leak or spill. This handy vehicle spill kit also complies with current Best Management Practices regulations for protecting our environment — which is also an Impact Absorbents mandate. 

Use the 10-ounce jar of Plug ‘n Dike premix pattie to immediately seal off diesel, gasoline, solvents, and other chemicals. Our PND seals instantly to any dirty, crumpled surface — even when fluid is flowing. It’s one of the best spill containment solutions any driver could have on the road. 

School maintenance crews will also want to restock the school’s supply of our ever-popular Biofresh, an unassuming name for a formidable canister of spill clean up power that needs to be in every school custodian’s arsenal.

Safe and effective, Biofresh is a specially engineered encapsulator designed to instantly contain, absorb, and disinfect liquids on contact, transforming contaminated liquid waste into solid waste for fast and easy disposal. Anyone who works in the school system will be glad to have a canister on hand — and a case of nine canisters ensures they’ll be in classrooms as well as the lunchroom.

Finally, the cafeteria, gym, and other group spaces may want to keep XSORB Plus with Disinfectant on hand, to instantly contain, absorb and disinfect tough spills with bromine, a powerful disinfecting agent. Six 2-liter bags are a smart investment in a healthier learning environment.

Even if some students affect the attitude that they’re just too cool for school, Impact Absorbents is always the ultimate cool for school, cleaning up the spill and saving the day, time and time again.





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