October: A Month of Iconic Radio, TV, and Amusement

This month might seem like a prelude to the time of year when people gather and dine with relatives — or, sometimes, aim to get as far away from those related to them as possible. It’s all, ah, relative. But it turns out October offers a lot more than that. 

We were surprised to discover that several iconic television shows first began airing in October in the 1950s, TV’s “golden age”. I Love Lucy, for instance, premiered on October 15, 1951; The Twilight Zone, on October 1, 1959. Both might have been spill clean up bonanzas, the first because laughing viewers are more likely to spill their drinks; the latter because terrified viewers might accidentally knock over their drinks as they run from the room.

The first World Series was broadcast over the radio on October 5, 1921, and you can just imagine how many spills those home runs engendered when fans couldn’t even watch their heroes on TV yet: leaping up from the couch, forgetting about the bowl of buttered popcorn and soda in front of them. Uh huh. Uh oh.

Disney World also opened on October 1, in 1971, creating a whole new dimension in spill clean up for maintenance crews.

We feel your pain.

Whether today’s sports fans are watching the game on your restaurant’s big screen TV, or live in your event center arena, there’s going to be spill clean up involved. That’s why an XSORB Spill Station (or 5 or 6) is an excellent investment. You might want to station an XSORB Spill Station with Long Broom in several strategic locations. Our Spill Station with Super Squeezer is especially useful if you anticipate a lot of liquid landing where it shouldn’t be.

So enjoy October, and all the history it carries. Maybe watch some of those classic TV episodes again (or for the very first time). As long as you’re prepared for any mishaps that may arise, the month should be very amusing, indeed.

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