Officials begin investigating a possible oil spill in the Arkansas River

The Coast Guard and the Army Corps of Engineers are examining the Arkansas River in Barling, Arkansas, after a rainbow-color sheen was reported in the area, according to KTHV-TV. Officials have yet to determine a cause for the spill, but are reviewing possible environmental cleanup strategies to prevent the issue from becoming a recurring problem.

Authorities told the news source a local resident spotted the sheen on the water. The substance is traveling along the river, and officials anticipate they can catch up with it as it moves toward Mississippi. The investigation remains ongoing as authorities try to figure out who traveled along the river.

Investigators will continue to study the unknown substance, and will eventually seek the best solution to remove the product from the water. The oil select sock is a reliable option to eliminate hazardous materials from marine environments.

The sock can safely eliminate petroleum-based products in waterways, holding ponds, boating areas, contaminated barrels, sumps and other environments. The solution is non-toxic and eco-friendly, and is encased in fabric for ease of use and disposal. People can use the product to absorb harmful contaminants and leave only clean water behind. 

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