Officials seize Dallas mansion after finding hazardous chemicals

Federal marshals have taken possession of a Dallas, Texas, mansion after a hazardous materials team was called in to investigate the presence of what appeared to be explosives inside the building.

According to WFAA News, the team was called in to the Swiss Avenue home on November 10 after a group of deputies inside spotted a number of chemicals while trying to seize the property. The federal officials entered the home with a seizure warrant as part of a medical fraud case dating back several years.

A friend of the homeowner said a former resident of the mansion was a doctor who had been fighting the government’s attempt to take the property.

Officials said they found between 60 and 100 containers of liquids located in three different areas of the home, as well as hazardous materials used for photo processing and other chemicals inside the garage, small shed and basement. Some of the chemicals in the basement had also spilled. Containment using top products from Impact Absorbents, such as Salvage Drums and ICB Spill Tubs, can help prevent a spill from spreading until full cleanup is completed.

The news agency reported that a man living inside the home, who was not the homeowner, committed suicide several weeks before the seizure.

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