Officials successfully deal with a chemical spill in an Oklahoma hospital

In Norman, Oklahoma, an incident involving hazardous chemotherapy chemicals affected one patient and caused minimal alarm at a local hospital. The spill occurred when an I.V. was accidentally removed, spilling chemo drugs on the cancer patient being treated, as well as on the blankets and bedding.

Many chemotherapy drugs are considered hazardous, as they contain radioactive compounds that are designed to kill dividing cells. There are set policies put in effect to handle such spills.

Local firefighters are required to assist in the containment and disposal of hazardous materials. In many cases, officials can use an XSORB Acid Neutralizing Absorbent bag to correctly prevent further exposure to such dangerous compounds.

The XSORB Acid Neutralizing Absorbent bags are made with non-leaching formulas that safely and effectively remedy most acids on contact. Once the compounds are neutralized, officials can simply sweep up the spill and dispose of it accordingly.

Beyond cleaning up the chemical spill, officials also ventilated the room to prevent fumes from reaching other patients. Hospitals are a sensitive environment, and taking the necessary precautions to provide continued care for patients are vital for a properly managed healthcare facility. 

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