Oh Fukushima, Not Again

Another earthquake has struck Japan, very near the site of the nuclear power plant meltdown and tsunami that rattled the globe in March 2011. And while XSORB is unfortunately not yet sold in Fukushima, this latest disaster is a good reminder that emergency preparedness can never be done too soon, because we never know when an emergency will arise.

One of the best basic emergency response products to keep on hand is XSORB All-Purpose Outdoor Absorbent, our non-toxic, environmentally friendly spill clean-up solution that easily handles tough spills such as oil, grease and paint. Because it’s a heavier formula, XSORB All-Purpose Outdoor stays down even in slightly windy conditions. It will leave your surfaces completely dry and non-slippery in minutes. Pound for pound, XSORB Outdoor absorbs six times more than clay, saving you labor, time and money.

Need to stop an oil spill on water? FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Booms come readily to the rescue. A FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Boom creates a barrier to stop any oil spill, especially on water, and they will float indefinitely, even when fully saturated. Hydrocarbons such as crude oil, diesel oil and gasoline are quickly absorbed, protecting waterways from an incipient disaster.

Of course, protective gear is part and parcel of emergency response, and Impact provides everything from coveralls to gloves to goggles to keep your team safe while they manage the emergency.

We wish we were powerful enough to prevent earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters from ravaging the planet. But at least we can keep your people and your business as safe as possible, as quickly as practical, with state-of-the-art spill containment and spill clean-up solutions that staunch the spill with approved, non-toxic absorbents. And in the meantime, our thoughts and prayers are with the team in Japan.

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