Oh, Leaf Me Alone!

You may think the changing autumn leaves are beautiful, and they are — on the tree. But once that brilliant red and gold foliage falls to the ground, it may not be all that’s falling. Damp leaves create a trip-and-fall hazard that most people seldom consider.

Think about it: wet leaves are slippery. Like ice. And almost as dangerous underfoot, though you don’t consider caution around leaves as you would with icy conditions. Which means you might be walking quickly to work in those not-so-sensible shoes, when suddenly wet leaves create a potential pratfall that will definitely not be funny.

Leaves can blow indoors, too. Every time the electronic doors to a supermarket open (which happens all day long), wet leaves can add to the already slippery floors inside, from customers tracking in whatever else is blowin’ in the wind or tracked in on the soles of their shoes.

Not a pretty picture. The National Safety Council reports that falls, slips and trips are the second most common cause of injury in all industries as of 2019, the most recent year for which data is available. Yet the NSC also maintains that falls are “100% preventable.”

The primary source of the fall? Floors, walkways, ground surfaces. Which is where Impact Absorbents comes in.

First, you’ll want to place our bright orange Pocket Safety Cones in strategic locations to alert people about the potentially hazardous conditions they may be walking into, since they’re probably looking at their phones and not their feet.

Next, be sure to invest in the XSORB Spill Station with Super Squeeper, a powerhouse Spill Station that provides everything you need in one place to vanquish a dangerous floor scenario. Custom-made to hold our flagship spill clean up product, granular XSORB Universal Spill Clean Up Absorbent, the Spill Station will leave your floors clean, dry ad residue-free in a matter of minutes. It’s superb for retail and grocery stores, and will quickly:

  • Reduce slip and fall injuries.
  • Cut labor costs up to 70%.
  • Open aisles in record time.

Of course, like all Impact products, XSORB is completely safe to use, and won’t harm the environment.

So enjoy the changing seasons, and be mindful of where you walk as the leaves float gently to earth. Just be sure to “leaf” them alone to protect yourself and the businesses you visit.

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