Oh, My Aching Knees NOT!

Imagine a ball tethered by rubber bands that you use during just about every waking activity. This ball is your knee joint; the rubber bands holding it in place are ligaments, muscles and tendons. Normal walking places six times your body weight across the knee joint, which means a 150-pound man exerts 900 pounds of force on his knees with every step. Yet by its very design, the knee lacks inherent stability, making it highly vulnerable to injury.

An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from knee pain. Each year, more than a million people undergo knee surgery to remove torn cartilage, the elastic connective tissue that covers and protects the ends of bones. And once the knee has been hurt, the chances of re-injuring it increase. Ouch.

Impact Absorbents can help protect your employees’ knees and reduce health care claims in the bargain. How? Regular kneeling on the floor to wipe up spills or scoop broken glass into buckets can tax the body. Yet it’s essential to clean up spills ASAP. Slip and fall accidents in supermarkets are the number one cause of both employee and visitor injuries. Stores must now demonstrate that they exercise reasonable care to keep their floors clean.

A customized spill program will help you meet the challenge. XSORB spill programs provide all the tools and training employees need to anticipate and respond to spill emergencies. And, your business can potentially save up to 76 percent by using XSORB spill clean up programs over alternative methods or programs. Just think of how that money might be better invested in your business’ growth.

The XSORB mobile Spill Caddy is a complete spill clean up solution that’s fast, efficient, effective and appeases the knees of grateful employees who no longer need to kneel or use ineffectual clean up supplies. We may not be sports experts, but we know how to save your knees.

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