Ohio officials use public funds to improve private land due to soil erosion concerns

The Marina District, vacant land located in Toledo, Ohio, could see significant improvements after government officials approved the use of public funds to complete soil erosion work, according to Toledo Blade. The project will require local authorities to use erosion control products in an effort to manage contaminants and environmental damage to land near the Maumee River.

Chinese-owned firm Dashing Pacific purchased the land for $3.8 million on July 2, 2011. Company spokesperson Jimmy Wu told the news source the business is happy to take part in the attempt to eliminate soil erosion.

“Improving the water quality of our rivers and lakes is a great use of public funds for a public common good,” Wu told the news source. “Dashing Pacific is very pleased to be part of allowing this project to proceed.”

Soil erosion can cause long-term damage in a region because it removes valuable natural resources quickly. However, people can use jute netting to limit the impact of erosion.

The product features all-natural fibers that promote the establishment of permanent vegetation on all types of slopes. Using the netting can help stabilize surface soil with thousands of tiny check dams per square yard.

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