Oil from Midas Muffler Ship leaks into suburban Chicago creek

Public service crews and officials from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency helped to clean up a storm drain and creek after oil from a storage tank at a Midas Muffler shop leaked into the nearby body of water.

The Daily Herald reported that the incident happened on Wednesday, November 2, after the Bloomington Fire Protection District notified Glendale Heights police about the leak at the Midas building on Bloomington Road in Glendale Heights around 6 p.m.

Village officials said that once the oil was confirmed to be leaking out of the storage tank, the area was checked with an oily substance detected in the small creek just northeast of the intersection of Whitman and George Bell Drive. The Glendale Heights Public Services Department said it appeared as if the oil had traveled through the storm sewer system into the water.

SET Environmental also assisted with the cleanup.

According to the news agency, the spill never posed any health risks to nearby residents.

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