Oil spill clogs traffic in Youngsville

In Youngsville, Louisiana, a local road was shut down on April 9, 2012, after a bucket of oil fell off of a truck, reports KATC TV-3.

Captain Kip Judice of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office stated the five-gallon bucket of oil leaked onto the highway near Kent’s Nursery at 1230 Guillot Road and caused minor traffic delays during the morning commute, according to the news source.

There were no reported injuries or evacuations as a result of the spill. The road remained closed for a few hours while cleanup crews tended to the mess, but traffic resumed mid-morning.

Youngsville officials could have used High-Capacity Oil-Only Pads to absorb the spilt petroleum effectively. The pads are ideal for situations where liquids need to be contained quickly, as the absorbent materials are constructed from a single layer of high-quality uniform polypropylene. The fibers provide added strength, which gives crews a much needed edge when it comes to managing large oil spills on roadways.

Town officials may want to stock their inventories with top-of-the-line devices to help them better manage oil leaks in the future. Having the proper materials may minimize the time it takes to absorb oil spills, providing traffic relief when it is needed most.

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