On a Roll: Hold the Mayo

When you’re a busy professional, it’s great to be on a roll. Maybe your event center hosted a record number of holiday performances (those floors sure reflect it). Perhaps your automotive shop is doing a smashing business (figuratively speaking) in vehicle tune-ups and repairs, given the harsh winter weather.

Or maybe the office parties that took place a few weeks ago, with all those party trays filled with tiny rolls of smear-worthy delicacies, have left their residue on once-clean office surfaces.

Whatever has kept you on a roll in the workplace, the odds are leaks and spills have been part of the picture. And that’s where a different kind of roll is essential afterwards: FiberLink Universal Bonded Rolls.

FiberLink Universal Rolls are ideal for catching leaks, drips and spills of solvents, oils, water, even acids. Made from universal polypropylene, they’re available in medium and heavyweight thickness, with dimples for added strength and perforations so you can easily tear them to the exact size you need. Even when one hundred percent saturated, these rolls will not rip, tear or fray. An added bonus: the dark gray color hides soil, so FiberLink Universal Rolls stay on the job longer.

If you’ve said goodbye to 2016 with a bang and are on a roll in the new year, congratulations. Now be sure to keep Impact Absorbents’ spill containment and spill clean up products on hand for future growth. In keeping your business safe, clean, healthy and environmentally friendly, we make an excellent business partner.


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