On Guard! Don’t Let Drains Drain Your Energy

“En guard!” is a French fencing phrase (say that three times fast) that means, “Get ready! Your opponent is about to run you through with a lance!” Or it may have meant, “Look out! Your drain is about to overflow!”

The latter warning should never be uttered in these modern times, however. Not if you have Ultra DrainGuard products at the ready.

When winter storms threaten,Ultra DrainGuardkeeps sediment and other pollutants from entering the water system with catch basin inserts.Ultra DrainGuard removes waste from storm waterbeforeit can become a problem in the water system, exceeding 80 percent sediment removal efficiency.

If your business is as ecologically minded as we are, you’re in luck: we also offerUltra DrainGuard Recycled, which, as a recycled product, does the job just as well the second time around.

Before storm water gets to the drain, however, it has to flow into the gutter. We’re prepared.Ultra GutterGuardis aninexpensive, Best Management Practice (BMP) resource for protecting curb inlets during construction.

Manufactured from recycled synthetic fibers, Ultra GutterGuard is designed tofilter storm water before it enters curb inlets. It’s available in various lengths, and should be ordered two feet longer than the curb opening.

So when the rainy season starts, if someone says, “DrainGuard!” you know they’re recommending a stellar spill containment solution from Impact Absorbents. If they say “en guard”, however, look for a lance. And run.

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