Pomp and Circumstance

It’s graduation season, and some of the pomp can lead to unfortunate circumstance. Like the after-party spill clean up nightmare. That’s why many parents have the foresight to schedule the graduation extravaganza at a restaurant’s private event room, rather than at home.

Now the clean up mess is someone else’s responsibility. 

But the food service crew is on it. XSORB is made for times like these. Our Universal Spill Clean-up is a six-quart antidote to a twelve-pack of soda, as well as any other food or beverage that ends up on the floor rather than down the hatch.

Whether the grad party detritus involves sugary liquids or residue from greasy fries and chips, XSORB’s non-toxic, environmentally friendly formula will absorb it, making it easy to simply sweep away.

Restaurants and event centers that have been hosting gleeful graduation gigs for many years may already have XSORB Spill Stations strategically placed throughout the area, so removing any evidence of a hearty party can take place while the celebration is in progress. 

We wish all 2019 graduates the very best as they set out to make their mark on the world. Impact Absorbents is doing our part to ensure they don’t leave unintended marks of their graduation night fun behind.


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