Padding the Way to Safety

There are certain things you never want to pad. Your expense account. Your shoulders (that went out of style around the same time as big hair.) The truth (unless you’re telling dear Aunt Harriet she hasn’t aged a day since you last saw her at your 1992 graduation).

But there are some things that lend themselves very well to a little padding. The too-firm bed that feels like a slab of wood. The walls of your teenager’s bedroom. And the floor of your event center or auto service center, although in this case, you’ll want to use Impact Absorbents’ unique pads that absorb leaks, spills, drips, and overspray of all liquids.

Dispense with ineffectual paper towels and shop rags, and replace them with state-of-the-art FiberLink Universal Gray Heavyweight Handy Pads. The convenient wall-mountable dispenser box means the pads are always easy to find. They’re incredibly durable and perforated, so you only use what you need. FiberLink Heavyweight pads are a great way to prevent slips and falls, too.

When visibility counts, our bright yellow FiberLink Hazmat Pads make the grade. Their color helps serve as a marker to identify caution areas.

If you need to erect a spill containment barrier, choose FiberLink Yellow Universal Absorbent Handy Socks, which mold easily around machinery and corners to catch drips, leaks and seepage. Like our pads, the socks are wall-mountable and come in economical, recyclable packaging. You can also choose FiberLink Caution Orange Socks, which vividly ensure spills are clearly visible and easily avoided.

So select your padding prudently. And stay abreast of fickle fashion. There’s no telling when those outsize shoulder pads may come back in style.

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