Paint it, paint it fresh

The Rolling Stones may have sung about painting it black, but if you’re in the mood to spruce up your home for spring, odds are you’re going to want to paint it a more welcoming color. Maybe an inviting cream (no, not the old Eric Clapton band). Or a warm yellow. Perhaps a cool blue, or minty green.

So you’re stoked. You drive into town, spend some time at the hardware store with paint swatches and come home with cans and cans of a gorgeous new coat of color for your favorite digs. It’s quite a weekend workout, but finally you’re finished, and you’ve got to admit, the house looks fantastic.

But you overbought on your quest. Now there’s leftover paint that’s been opened, is not returnable, and there’s no good place to store it for possible future touch ups. What to do?

Turn to rock. Not rock ‘n’ roll you can get back to the music in a minute but Rock Solid, your excess paint solution. Non-toxic and eco-friendly, XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener is the best option for quick, easy, safe clean up and disposal of all latex and acrylic paints. Just add it to leftover paint and shake or stir. The paint will harden into a, yes, rock-solid disposable mass within minutes. And once paint is solidified, it’s acceptable at landfills, making disposal a snap and decreasing costs.

The XSORB Rock Solid 2-Liter Bag will harden up to three gallons of water-based paint. So if you don’t use it all this time, it’ll be there when you decide to paint the inside of the house. Some day.


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