Paint Your Office With Goats’ Milk

Here’s an idea we want to milk for all it’s worth: painting your office, farm or home with goat milk. As strange as this may sound, goat milk paint is a great alternative to most paints on the market. It’s environmentally friendly, which got our attention as an ecologically focused company. Many paints contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which release harmful fumes. But goat paint is as safe as baby goats are adorable: non-toxic, and good for indoor and outdoor use on a wide variety of surfaces.

In fact, goat milk paint sounds a lot like the Impact Absorbents family of products: useful in industrial and municipal settings, on waterways and raceways, in schools and hospitals and households. It would be difficult to think of a situation in which our products couldn’t come to the rescue, effectively soaking up and sweeping away spills in a fast, economical and green fashion.

We do want to point out that once you’ve completed your goat milk paint job, you’ll want to use XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener to dispose of the excess paint. Non-toxic and eco-friendly, Rock Solid is the best way to quickly and easily dispose of all latex and acrylic paints, even goat milk paint.

With our environmental spill products on the job, you’ll have time to relax and indulge in another highly enjoyable goat product: cheese!

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