Painting the Town, or Your Office

It’s that time of year again: office parties, friends and family gathering from afar. Tickets to see the latest show. The term “paint the town” must have been created for this season (or for teenagers, who can happily paint the town any time).

It’s also a great time to spruce up your business for 2016. A fresh coat of paint is just the ticket for those drab walls especially if you didn’t get tickets to that stellar performance.

In your effusiveness to get the job done, you splash out on a super-sized can of paint. Or two. Now the office looks sweet, and you’re left with this extra paint. Hm. Could give the doghouse at home a facelift, but if your kids or pooch don’t like the color, you might be in the doghouse. (Some canines have very discerning tastes)

Rock Solid to the rescue. XSORB Rock Solid Paint Hardener is the best environmental option for quick, easy, safe disposal of that unwanted paint. Just add it to paint and stir, and before you can say, “Don’t drink that!” you’ll have a hardened, disposable item. Rock Solid’s four- gallon pail with scoop hardens up to 25 gallons of water-based paint, and is even acceptable in landfills. Of course, like all XSORB spill containment and spill clean up products, it’s non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Now your business, the family doghouse, kids, and everyone else can be happy with your paint job. If you decide to paint the town, however, you might want to order a canister of Biofresh. Just saying


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