Pennsylvania DEP drills company for soil erosion violations

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has issued a total of $185,000 in fines against Catalyst Energy Inc., according to WaterWorld. The oil and gas drilling company received the penalties as a result of erosion and pollution violations from its business activities.

The DEP discovered a severe erosion violation as Catalyst failed to control sediment runoff at several work sites, reports WaterWorld. The government agency issued drilling sanctions against Catalyst, and the company must receive DEP permission before developing or drilling new or existing wells in the future. In addition, the DEP will inspect Catalyst’s operations to ensure the drilling company complies with state laws and regulations while following appropriate environmental cleanup guidelines.

Many companies use fences to eliminate erosion concerns, and silt fencing provides a reliable option. The product combines UV resistance, hydraulic properties and strength to reduce the risks of erosion and sediment runoff. A silt fence prevents environmental damage by containing overland flow, and separating suspended soil particles from water. The product is easy to install at any work or construction site, and can be staked every 10 feet. 

Control soil erosion with silt fencing.

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