Pet Frenzy

The Impact Absorbents family has a lot of kids among us. And a lot of pets. Somehow the two go hand-in-hand. And somehow, the two create a lot of mess.

One of our acquaintances has a three-month-old baby, a very active 5-year-old dog, and a very busy partner who works a lot more than typical hours. Did we mention they’re also caretakers on a remote property, which reduces expenses but adds to the time commitment?

We just heard the couple acquired a 5-month-old kitten. It seems there is a slight mouse problem on the heavily wooded acreage.

The kitten, however, seems interested in everything but hunting. Named Kona, she behaves as though shot full of caffeine: pinging off the walls and windows, jumping on couches and countertops, batting rolled up pieces of paper around, and generally making it impossible to, ah, work from home, as a recent pet sitter reported.

Fortunately, she’s already trained in litterbox use, and prefers to go outside when weather permits. Whether or not she reduces the mouse population, she’ll likely grow up to be fast friends with the human infant in the household.

Fortunately, we’ve developed spill clean up solutions for all parties involved. If your pet isn’t as litterbox savvy as Kona — or your dog dislikes the rain more than he or she minds doing their business where they shouldn’t — Impact Absorbents has the answer: XSORB Pet Accident Clean Up.

Non-toxic and eco-friendly, Pet Accident Clean Up is effective for all accidents: urine, loose stools, vomit, blood, and saliva. It works on people messes, too.

So if your household is subject to an overly energetic puppy, kitten, or other young animal, reach for XSORB Pet Accident Clean Up to swiftly clean and deodorize the area. As our young friend’s dad observed, “Kittens, it seems, are always an adventure.”

Next time, maybe think about setting out some of those humane mousetraps instead…

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