Pet Peeves About Working from Home

Remote work became the norm for everyone over the past year, and it looks like this modus operandi will continue in 2021. We’ve all adapted as best we can…but sometimes, the nature of working from home intervenes in ways we can’t control — and the results can be quite humorous, if a trifle embarrassing for the party attempting to run a webinar or deliver a serious newscast.

Like this UK Parliament member during a live virtual committee meeting, whose cat’s tail repeatedly bloomed into the frame, or Brody the dog walking on a meteorologist’s maps just before the latter pulled the dog onto his lap and proceeded to share the weather report. There are also numerous stories of children running into the room while mom or dad is on an important video call, or similar inappropriate moments. That’s the nature of working from home with family around. 

While we can’t help with the kids (we have plenty of our own; we get it) we do have a solution for those moments when your pet really does need attention and you’re in the middle of delivering a webinar: XSORB Pet Accident Clean-up.

You may not be able to pause the webinar to take your sweet pup for a walk to do his business, so it’s our business to help you clean up the mess. XSORB Pet Accident Clean-up is the one-minute dry clean-up formula that will clean and deodorize any room in a jiffy, so the makeshift office or TV studio is pristine for the next on-air report.

We love your pets as much as you do, which is why, like all Impact Absorbents products, Pet Accident Clean-up is also non-toxic and eco-friendly.

It’s a challenging time for everybody, and our furry friends want to provide as much solace as possible to their human companions. We know that’s why they’re staying close to us. Sometimes, though, we do need them out of the picture.


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