Pillow Talk

Pillows. It’s so important to find just the right one to ensure a good night’s sleep, or “a long winter’s nap”. Firmness and texture, substance and quality all contribute to comfort, and a restful sleep.

But what if you want a pillow not for sleep, but to soak up a spill or leak, or provide spill containment for sensitive areas such as drains and walkways? Then you need to look far beyond bedding. You need to go Universal.

XSORB Universal Pillows, encased in poly fabric, quickly and thoroughly absorb liquid spills or leaks, and are even tough enough to handle caustic chemicals. They come in two sizes: 8″ x 18″ (which absorbs up to three quarts of liquid spills) and 18″ x 24″ (which absorbs up to 9 quarts), are reusable for water-based liquids, and comply with government landfill regulations.

Or perhaps your needs run more to the FiberLink Universal Pillow, also in sizes 8″ x18″ and 18″ x 24″ (with pillows, the issue of regular and “plus” sizes is a non-issue; sometimes bigger makes for better spill containment.) FiberLink pillows provide a long-term solution for irritating leaks and are able to absorb pools of liquid. Their non-toxic polypropylene skin is chemical- and tear-resistant, even when fully saturated. And the absorbency meets or exceeds industry standards.

So while you would never sleep on an Impact Absorbent pillow, you’re bound to sleep easier knowing you have some on hand for winter spill clean up emergencies.

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