Policing the Grease

The way many businesses handle spill clean up is a crime: employees crawling around on the floor with paper towels, or trying to mop the oily mess into a pan. While this isn’t exactly a punishable offense, it pays to get the police involved. Grease Police, that is.

Grease Police will go to the mat for you, literally. With its impenetrable moisture barrier, this universal absorbent mat sets up the spill containment equivalent of a blockade: absorbing and holding any oil- or water-based liquid. You don’t haul the contained spill off to jail, but to its spill clean up correspondent: the landfill.

Grease Police is so versatile, it can collect auto leaks, provide a soft protective covering for workbenches — even be easily be cut to fit the bottom of a trash compactor to clear up messy garbage leaks, or be placed under paint buckets to prevent unnecessary spill clean ups there. Smart parents in these study-from-home and work-from-home times are also using Grease Police on floors and entryways to prevent tracking. Not the kind of tracking those other police do; just dirty footprints.

Constructed of universal polypropylene with poly backing, the dark gray color also hides soiling. The police have always been good at camouflage when necessary.

Now that we’re greasing the wheels of industry from remote locations, it’s more essential than ever to police what comes into your workspace or home. So order the police protection no home office, actual office, or transportation business should be without: Grease Police. When we say, “May the force be with you,” we’re talking a portable police force for spill clean up and spill containment protection: Grease Police.

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