Preparing for the Next Super Storm

Now that Hurricane Sandy is through battering the East coast, we hope everyone is safe, and those who’ve been evacuated will be able to return home soon. We’re very fortunate in California, where all we have to worry about is the occasional earthquake. But regardless of where we live, it pays to be prepared. So before the next super storm makes landfall somewhere in the country, start wattling straw wattling, that is.

Economical Straw Wattles reduce soil erosion on slopes to keep soil in place, and around drain inlets to prevent sediment blockage. Made of high-density polyethylene and ethyl vinyl acetate netting with UV inhibitors, each bale contains 75 feet of wattle. Note that they can only ship as freight that’s how dense and strong these wattles are. It won’t be just water under the bridge with these in place!

Gravel bags are a durable companion product and a BMP (best management practice) for storm water and erosion control. The industry-standard sizes allow you to fill them with as much gravel as needed, and the bags stay in place when wedged against a road curb. They’re tough enough to withstand multiple impacts, even from high wind runoff and falling debris.

Jute netting is useful for more rural areas. Made from natural fibers, Jute stabilizes the soil and promotes establishment of permanent vegetation of all types of slopes. If your garden was washed away in past storms, Jute netting will protect it from similar future events.

Finally, get off the fence about storm protection and add silt fencing to your spcc plan. Silt fence fabric offers a unique blend of UV resistance (admittedly, there’s not a lot of sunlight during a hurricane but afterward!), strength and hydraulic properties, making it ideal for sediment control during a storm. Silt fencing contains overland flow, separates suspended soil particles from water and prevents environmental damage to areas adjacent to construction sites.

So don’t let the next storm be the last straw. Instead, make sure your environmental containment solution is in the bag, with straw wattles, gravel bags, jute netting and silt fencing. Charge your cell phone, stock up on non-perishable food and batteries, and fill your gas tank. Now you’re ready for anything!

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