Biofresh Biohazard Spill Kit

Biofresh kits are 10” x 12” and easily stored behind registers and counters, or in any area where first aid or accidental spill cleanup items are kept.

Where there’s people, there’s accidents, and if you aren’t prepared to handle biohazard spills such as blood, urine and vomit, you’ll certainly wish you were.
Everything you need to handle and dispose of biohazardous material in one kit – the Biofresh Kit.

Each kit contains:
(1) Canister of Biofresh Super Absorbent with Disinfectant
(2) Personal Protection Kits
(1) Step by Step illustrated instructions
(1) 10″ x 12″ zip lock bag with handle

Each Personal Protection Kit contains:
(1) Disposable dustpan and brush set
(1) Dustmask
(1) Pair of High Risk Protective Gloves
(2) Disinfecting towelettes
(1) Red Biohazard disposal bag
(1) Zip Tie


Absorbency: Up to 1/2 gallon per bag

Safety Data Sheet

XSORB BioFresh Absorbent SDS

XSORB BioFresh Absorbent SDS Spanish







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