FiberLink Hazmat Economy Spill Kit

Fiberlink Hazmat Economy Spill Kit cleans up hazardous spills on the spot — easily, effectively and economically. Designed to fit under or behind the driver’s seat to comply with local and state law.


Absorbency: Up to 4.5 gal

Kit Contents

Comes in a 18″ x 24″ yellow heavyweight plastic reclosable bag

  • 3) FiberLink Hazmat Yellow Socks
  • 10) FiberLink Hazmat Yellow Pads
  • 2) Disposal Bags
  • 2) Hazmat Labels
  • 1) Pr. Nitrile Gloves
  • 1) Pr. Goggles
  • 1) Dust Mask

BMP regulations require that construction and other service vehicles be equipped with a spill
response program. Designed to easily fit into small spaces and area, Economy and Xpress Kits are
there for you when spills occur.

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