Spill Hero Outdoor All-Purpose Absorbent, 6 Quart Bag

Spill Hero Outdoor heavy weight granular absorbent for oil and water-based spills.

Sweep away spills with Spill Hero Outdoor all-purpose, non-toxic and environmentally friendly absorbent. Easily handles tough spills such as oil, grease and paint.

Ecologo Certified. Ecologo criteria identifies the top overall environmental performers on the market. These have demonstrated that they have an overall reduced potential burden on the environment with a focus on toxicity to human, aquatic and mammalian life, noxious emissions to water, and packaging.

  • Heavy granular absorbent that stays down even in slightly windy conditions
  • Leaves surfaces completely dry and slip free
  • Absorbs 6 times more than clay, saving labor, time and money
  • Certified non-leaching
  • Meets FDA approval for use around food and food processing

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