Spill Hero Wall-Mountable Biohazard Response Kit, Case with 2 Kits and Coverall

For advanced protection from the dangers of infectious body fluids, use the Xsorb® Biohazard Basic Clean-Up Kit.
Includes the Xsorb II Absorbent with Disinfectant that solidifies fluids while remaining manageable for easy removal from any hard surface without leaving a messy residue.

Comes in a Plastic wall-mountable case
Case includes:
2 Biohazard Clean-Up Kits Each With:
1) 2 oz. pkt Xsorb II w/Disinfectant
1) Disinfectant towelette – Effective against 50 microorganisms including Clostridium, difficile spores, and Norovirus.
2) Antiseptic towelettes
1) Standard disposal bag
2) Paper towels
1) Pair of high-risk protective gloves
1) Facemask with eyeshield
1) Poly coverall and booties
2) Plastic scrapers
1) Biohazard disposal bag
1) Complete instructions
1) Resealable bag to contain all items above

Case Quantity

1, 6

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