Spill Hero Wall-Mountable Biohazard Response Case with 4 Clean Up Kits

For advanced protection from the dangers of infectious body fluids, use the Xsorb® Biohazard Clean-Up Kit.
Includes the Xsorb Plus Absorbent with Disinfectant solidifies fluids while remaining manageable for easy removal from any hard surface without leaving a messy residue.

Comes in a plastic wall-mountable case containing 4 Biohazard Clean-Up Kits Each With:

1 2 oz. pkt Xsorb II w/Disinfectant
1 Disinfectant towelette
2 Antiseptic towelettes
1 Standard disposal bag
2 Paper towels
1 Pair of high-risk protective gloves
1 Facemask with eyeshield
2 Plastic scrapers
1 Biohazard disposal bag
1 Complete instructions
1 Resealable bag to contain all items above

Case Quantity

1, 6

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