Puppy Love? Yes, but not the mess!

Spring is a wonderful time to welcome a new puppy into the family. Dogs are so cuddly and cute at six or eight weeks of age just like human infants. And, just like human babies, dogs don’t tend to enter life potty trained. Which means those early weeks ah, early year might be just a wee bit messy inside, no pun intended. And now that more and more businesses are becoming dog-friendly, there’s the added concern about keeping your business smelling well, like a business, and not the dog park.

Until you’re ready to take Molly or Benjy to that dog park, along with those trusty blue doggie disposal bags, we have the answer: XSORB Pet Accident Clean-up, the easy, reliable way to sweep away pet accidents while cleaning and deodorizing, whether your sweet canine pal has had an emergency at work or at home.

XSORB Pet Clean-up is effective for all types of pet emergencies: urine, stools, vomit, blood, and saliva. Because sometimes, just the excitement of a new environment can cause a puppy to release a stream of something that you don’t want on the floor or furniture. Of course, like all Impact Absorbents products, XSORB Pet Clean-up is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Its usefulness doesn’t stop with pets either: it’s good for human messes, too. So if that lunch taco has made you feel a tad queasy, you’re prepared.


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