Put A Sock In It…Or A Pillow, Or A Pad, Or…

Q: Where are socks as useful as pads, pillows, rolls and booms?

A: It depends on whether you’re going to sleep, or eliminating an oil spill. 

In the first case, we can see the practical use of mattress pads, pillows, and possibly those comfy neck rolls, along with socks to keep your toes warm on long winter nights. But where does a boom fit in, other than as a noise in the night?

The correct answer for all of the above products is: to alleviate an oil spill. Oil spills require a fast, effective response, and Impact Absorbents socks, pillows, pads, rolls and booms are the solutions you’ll want to have handy.

Consider our oil-only socks. They absorb oil, gas and petroleum products in the workplace, around machinery, or off the water’s surface, all without breaking a sweat. That’s because our FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Socks are made from hydrophobic fiber, which means they fear water — or in this case, resist it. They’ll float indefinitely, too. The same goes for our XSORB Oil Select Socks, which are licensed as an oil spill clean up agent by the California Department of Fish and Game. Each sock absorbs four times its weight, while remaining non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Perhaps you prefer pads. Just as with a mattress, the right padding makes all the difference. Our FiberDuck Oil Absorbent Pads and Rolls work equally well on land or water. In the marine environment, these pads float as they absorb, and their brilliant white color is easily visible on water.

Dreaming of the perfect oil absorbent pillow? Look no farther than XSORB Oil Select pillows, which absorb petroleum products in an industrial or marine environment, holding the spill indefinitely without leaching. If only bed pillows could make the same promise: like no errant feathers on the floor, ever.

Finally, our FiberDuck Oil Booms create a barrier to stop any oil spill, especially on water — and like socks, pads, rolls and pillows, you can count on them to float indefinitely, even when fully saturated. Their durable, UV-resistant material resists snags and debris, and can be easily connected to rope, snap-hooks and rings for continuous containment.  Their absorbency meets or exceeds industry standards, too.

When you’re looking for the best oil spill clean up and containment solutions, put a sock in it — or a pad, or a roll, or a pillow, or a boom. You’ll sleep better at night, knowing you’re prepared for any oil spill emergency.





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