Putting Oil In Its Place

Oil comes in so many varieties, it’s a wonder anyone can go a day without it. From salad dressing to cosmetics, home heating to bath additives, different oil derivatives keep life humming along.

Sometimes, however, oil is out of place. For instance: crude on the asphalt is crude indeed.

When you’re dealing with a land-based oil spill, you want to remove the evidence of the mishap, pronto. But just as getting olive oil out of your favorite blouse can prove more challenging than you envisioned, getting petroleum off the road could be dicey.

Unless you have some XSORB All Purpose Outdoor Absorbent on hand.

At Impact Absorbents, we put all our products to the test, literally. How else can we state unequivocally how effective they are?

So we poured some motor oil into porous, untreated asphalt, and let the spill dry to a deep stain. Not a pretty sight. 

Then we saturated the stain with XSORB and scrubbed it into the surface with a stiff-bristled brush.

Guess what? Just one ounce of XSORB Indoor-Outdoor completely absorbed the oil spill. After one application, a faint shadow of the former oil stain remained. XSORB removed all of the surface oil and diminished the stain’s visibility by 80 percent.

And that proved XSORB’s efficacy for putting oil in its place. 

After all, you know where oil belongs. On your food. On your face. In your bathwater. And under the hood. But not on the blacktop. Fortunately, you’ve got this oil spill covered.


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